10 Dumbest Reasons People Have Been Fired From Their Job

Next time the boss is on your ass, just show them this list.

In this world of social media and public forums, people are forever getting fired for things like ranting about their boss or complaining about their job. One girl was recently sacked for complaining on Twitter about having to get up for her new job, a problem which was solved rather beautifully when she was told not to anymore.

That's pretty stupid, but the tales of social media misconduct are plainly getting boring. Where are the really stupid stories; the people who made decisions so idiotic that they deserved not only to be fired, but placed on some sort of special blacklist? Where are the real idiots?

Fortunately, they're all over the Web. What follows is a top ten list of the stupidest things people - real, functioning adults with working brains - have done to get themselves fired.

There's a pilot who doesn't know the basic rules of flight safety, a chef who starts a fight under the Queen's nose, and a footballer who, erm, gets caught short. These people are all shining examples of how to do your job so badly that it not only gets you fired, but it gets you onto a list of the ten dumbest reasons that people got fired.

Sit back, relax, and get ready to feel a whole lot better about all those times you've slept through your alarm.

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