10 Fake Stories About Disney Parks You Probably Believe

Do the Toy Story characters really drop when you shout "Andy's coming!"


Disneyland and Walt Disney World are commonly named the most magical places in the world. Walt Disney envisioned a place where families would go and have fun as an entire unit, h imagined rides that everyone from your grandad to pre-school would enjoy.

Despite its reputation as the happiest place to be a plethora of strange and weird stories have emerged about the house of mouse. Some are plausible but others are just plain crazy. There's tales of frozen bodies, ghosts and even removable guest rooms.

These urban legends have been around for so long that even some of the more bizarre tales start to become believable and it can often be hard to separate fact from fiction.

Therefore, here's 10 fake stories about Disney Parks that you probably have believed at some point and maybe still do to this day...

10. The Castle Can Be Taken Down During A Hurricane

Disney World under construction near Orlando in Central Florida, on July 7, 1971. At center is the amusement park's Cinderella Palace in the Magic Kingdom. (AP Photo)

One rumour that never goes away is that Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World can be taken down in the event of a incredibly powerful hurricane, such as Hurricane Irma which just tore through Florida.

Obviously, this outlandish tale is completely false. Although it is probably true that some spires could be removed, it would be highly unlikely that Disney would take the time to take them down.

Cinderella Castle was designed to be able to withstand strong hurricane winds and unless mother nature decided to throw everything at the iconic centrepiece of the Magic Kingdom, it just ain't going anywhere.


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