10 Famous People You'll Be Shocked To Learn Were Total Perverts

Shocking secrets of truly phenomenal talent revealed...

History is littered with the names of amazing people who have achieved phenomenal things in their lifetimes, which is exactly the reason that we still have any idea who any of them were. Figures who invented world changing creations, or wrote ground-breaking novels pretty much guarantee their place in the history books because they changed the course our world was due to take. In some ways, it's almost as if these people never actually existed, as their status has elevated them to a near godlike plain of legend, and for the large part, that is thoroughly deserved of them. However, just like everyone else who has or will ever have existed, even the greatest of people have their dark secrets. Whilst we're not talking about the products of horrendous backgrounds and childhoods going all Buffalo Bill and venturing onto a killing spree, there are people that we now deem as outstanding contributors to the human race, who were in fact, more than a little perverted. While it is not necessarily the aim of this article to besmirch the names of any of the people mentioned, it serves as a reminder that, although those included were the owners of some truly phenomenal talent, their private lives featured some shocking secrets.
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