10 Famous People You'll Be Shocked To Learn Were Total Perverts

10. Lord Byron - Hair Collection

Lord Byron is easily one of the most renowned literary artists from the last three hundred years, and is quite probably one of the most important of the 19th century. What went hand in hand with his artistic genius was the phenomenally tempestuous nature of his personal affairs. Whilst Byron was officially linked to four women in any serious capacity during his lifetime - one was rumoured to be his cousin - there are endless theorists who have attempted to discover whether or not Byron was in fact bisexual, with there also being a stream of speculation surrounding his very sexuality throughout his romantic ventures. But the lesser known fact about Byron, is that he also had a private collection of hair. The poet had rather cruelly wooed Lady Caroline Lamb for a period of over two months, before seeming to lose interest entirely, and shun her. This seemed to drive Lamb to a form of deranged obsession, which culminated in her sending him a letter, wherein she had enclosed a lock of her own pubic hair. Now you may be thinking that this surely is not so much Byron's fault, given that he was the recipient, and might have not asked for such a horrible gift, but think again. Byron, an infamous womaniser, had a history in collecting locks of hair from past lovers, and Lamb was merely obliging, whether he wanted her to or not, to his usual habit.
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