10 Fantasy Novels To Read If You Love The Lord Of The Rings

Fantasy's Not Only Harry Potter and Percy Jackson...

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A formative work of world literature, JRR Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings trilogy (and its prequel book The Hobbit) essentially defined and created the modern fantasy genre, bringing concepts previously shrouded in ancient mythologies to the foreground of contemporary pop fiction.

It's hard to overstate the importance of The Lord Of The Rings, whose influence can still be felt today. After years of extensive study into Anglo-Saxon mythology, Tolkien detailed stories of ancient wars and rivalries set against the backdrop of fully-fledged ancient civilisations, paving the way for Game Of Thrones, Star Wars, Harry Potter and almost all other long-form series utilising some sort of otherworldly element we know today.

While a hundred years ago fantasy tended to be avoided in favour of the realism favoured last century's tastes, today fantasy fans are spoilt for choice. Bookshops and libraries alike abound with stories of magical elves, crafty witches and rivalling kingdoms, each trying to be the next big thing.

From high fantasy to low fantasy, social satire to psuedo-science fiction, here are ten fantasy novels (and series of fantasy novels) any fan of The Lord Of The Rings would be loath to miss.


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