10 Haunted Dolls That Will Keep You Awake Tonight

These aren't your regular playthings...

Dolls, not the pussycat kind, have been part of global culture since 2000 BCE. They€™re used in play, for education and in religious rituals. Over the years, doll fabrication has improved and the have become more realistic looking, even crossing the uncanny valley, which scares the crap out of people. Some people who are afraid of dolls mention their soulless eyes, still faces and coldness as reasons they are frightening. No doubt, movies like Puppetmaster and Annabelle only feed into such fears. The dolls in these movies commit murder and mayhem, which makes you second-guess your sisters€™ collection. While all of this seems ludicrous, Annabelle is actually based on a true story of a haunted doll, but she€™s not the only one. Across the globe, there are multiple cases of so-called haunted dolls that appear to move without assistance, chuckle and laugh, and simply give people the creeps. Even weird Neil Patrick Harris carried around a doll in American Horror Story. What did she do? She came to life, ate grapes and murdered fools. With so many examples of popular media using dolls to incite fear, maybe there is good reason to dislike them. Now, how about we give you ten more good reasons?
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