10 Haunted Houses That Have Murdered People

However much they pay you to stay there overnight? It isn't enough.

Haunted House Ghost

Haunted Houses are dangerous things. And not just those goofy Halloween attractions where a few bucks will grant you access to a pre-fab home full of unconvincing spider webs and spring-loaded-mannequins - although fatal heart attacks and violent retribution have both come thanks to such places - but actual, legit, for real, why-would-anyone-stay-there haunted houses.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts (and there's actually a lot of compelling evidence to suggest that the restless spirits of the dead have reason to walk the Earth, albeit maybe not in the sheets and clanking chains manner you'd expect), there's a rich, tragic history of deaths that can be attributed to hauntings and things that go bump in the night.

There are murders which have been said to be the direct work of these ghouls, the usually docile floating, ephemeral souls turning violent, perhaps as they were in their final moments. Then there are those who, labouring under the belief that ghosts do indeed exist, manage to follow that belief right into an early grave.

As always, take these stories with a pinch of salt - this is the internet, after all - but also bear in mind that many of these cases were widely reported at the time, and have been in the interim as well. One of them even has a Wikipedia article, so you know that it's legit.

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