10 Haunted Houses That Have Murdered People

10. Indian Black Magic Doesn't End Well

Black Magic John Dee Edward Keeley

Classically, haunted house stories occur either in English country homes/castles or creepy old American suburban homes. It's a little arrogant to assume the West has a monopoly on horrifying tales of ghosts and death, however. In fact India has its own rich history of paranormal activity and spooky stories, including one from 1835, in the town of Shimla, where an English colonist met a sticky end.

Having built a home in the town in 1830 this Englishman began dabbling in Black Magic (first red flag), as it was popular at the time. After getting deep into the practice he soon started to find his family members beginning to disappear, one by one, with police at a loss to track even bodies down, with no explanation ever given for what happened to them.

A few months later, in 1835, the Englishman was found dead in his study. It later transpired that he had been testing out his Black Magic by cutting out his family member's organs and then trying to bring them back to life afterwards. With spells! Obviously, it never worked. It's said that he was then killed by their vengeful spirits, who haunt the bungalow to this day.

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