10 Interesting Multiclass Options To Improve Your Dungeons & Dragons Character

My Wiz-pala-bard-druid's better than yours.

Wizards Of The Coast

Variety is the spice of life. It's what keeps encounters fresh and KFC tasty. And while Dungeons and Dragons is a game with practically endless possibilities, when you're playing the same role over and over again, casting the same spells and swinging the same weapon, it can begin to feel tiresome. Like how Vin Diesel must feel knowing the only role he'll ever have is as "bald talking meat slab."

Whether you're coming to the table fresh faced and looking to make your first character extra unique, or you're a hardened high roller wanting to shake up the formula a bit, these class combinations are lovingly designed to give that rainbow coloured Tiefling orphan an extra oomph.

While the homebrew DnD scene has a myriad of weird and wonderful subclasses, hybrid classes and fan designs, we'll be sticking with the core classes here. Fear not rules lawyers, everything's up to code. Mostly. So even if your Dungeon Master's a mean handbook miser, these suggestions should mitigate any serious arguments. Probably. Hopefully. Just don't blame this list if a table gets flipped over at your house.

Also, just a general tip for reading, the first class of each is the base class, the second is what you'll take a few levels from. Have fun experimenting, dice junkies.


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