10 Inventors Who Hated Their Own Creations

People who look back on their work with embarrassment wishing life had an undo button.

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Frankenstein. The epitome of regretting your creative choices. Always considered a work highlighting the dangers of playing God, the book actually has another message: think clearly about your decisions because you may become synonymous with them later.

You shouldn't have to look back on your work with regret. Everything you do, in a perfect world, should make you feel proud and want to stand up shouting "I DID THIS" not try and find the darkest corner of a room and hope no one notices.

That's not to say the fame and fortune you receive from your creation doesn't make the work worth it, just that you may grow to hate and revile the monster you've created, especially when it chucks little girls into lakes.

This regret isn't limited to fiction, there are a plethora of examples of people who looked on their work and wished for an undo option...

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