10 Inventors Who Hated Their Own Creations

8. Radiohead - Creep

Ak 47

It's a truth universally acknowledged that musicians, when forced to play their most celebrated hit over and over again, will eventually grow to hate the piece that helped solidify their fame. Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven, Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, Placebo's Nancy Boy all fall under this universal truth. But no song seems to have elicited as much ire from its creators as Radiohead's Creep.

Yeah it seems hard to imagine feel-good pop hit factory Radiohead hating ANYTHING but it's true. It's not even that they hated the track after it became a massive hit but during its production, with guitarist Jonny Greenwood trying to ruin the song by jabbing his guitar: a move that proved the equivalent of hitting Godzilla with radiation, it just makes the song stronger. Ironic as the song happily tells the story of desire thwarted by feelings of inferiority.

The band downright refused to play their biggest hit for years and only in the last year added it back to a few live performances. This is a pretty well known feud that Radiohead have with their own song but it seems so unjust. It may draw anger from the Radiohead fanbase, but...is Karma Police really any better?

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