10 Joe Rogan Experience Guests Who NEED TO COME BACK!

These guests are long overdue another appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Joe Rogan Guy Ritchie

The Joe Rogan Experience is a global phenomenon in the ever-growing landscape of podcasting. The episodes contain a vast number of topics discussed between host and guests, and many of the guests themselves vary from one another in terms of their field and background.

While the Experience is one of the most listened to podcasts of our time, the host does have many recurring guests. From one of his best friends, and fellow comedian, Joey Diaz being on the show a staggering 53 times, to some of the most-listened episodes containing guest who appeared only one time, Joe is likely to cycle through guests, especially those he is closest to.

While these podcasts are consistent in delivering good stories, friendly banter, or even some useful information, it makes viewers of the podcast froth at the mouth at the possibility for previous one-timers to return. Episodes of Joe Rogan’s podcast have been consistently released since its debut in 2009, and it’s about time these guests get a second round with the podcasting champion of the world.

10. Tom DeLonge

Former Blink-182 guitarist, Tom DeLonge, appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience back in 2017. While on the show, DeLonge began to tell Joe about several meetings he has had with unnamed officials from unnamed organisations and had been informed that aliens exist.

While much of what Tom said was far-fetched, and his being unable to disclose names and sources made his ‘findings’ too easy to dismiss and debunk. However, during the episode, DeLonge claimed alien technology being able to warp gravity in order travel. This was reiterated by a more reliable source in Commander David Fravor, appearing on episode #1361, and had witnessed such technology while on a training mission.

It would be interesting to have DeLonge back on the podcast to go into further detail about his knowledge, as well as giving an update on his To The Stars company, which was intending to produce entertainment to relay information about such phenomena to the masses.

Also, as Joe seemed far more convinced by the information following Fravor’s appearance, it would make for good viewing to see Joe approach Tom’s information with a more open mind.


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