10 Joe Rogan Experience Guests Who NEED TO COME BACK!

7. Dr Cornel West And Daryl Davis

Dr Cornel West is a philosopher and political activist. He appeared on the podcast in 2019 and lovingly discussed soul in music and literature. He also disclosed his ideas about how race in the arts shouldn’t matter. As long as there is soul in the art, what does it matter?

Daryl Davis, appearing in early 2020, discussed how his communications with many white nationalists. In a list including higher-ups in some regional Ku Klux Klan groups, Davis had helped people change their worldview, accept the validity of other races, and abandon their own beliefs on white supremacy.

Both men are passionate about using positive communication in race-related matters, and both men were guests in two of the best episodes of the podcast. In an episode together, both men could have a meaningful conversation about race, art, and how a more positive, soulful message could help establish a change in those with a limited mindset when it comes to race.

If West and Davis appeared on the same episode, it could be the finest episode of JRE of all time.


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