10 Joe Rogan Experience Guests Who NEED TO COME BACK!

8. Bernie Sanders

Bernie is out of the Democratic Primary. Given his age and previous failed attempts, this is most probably the last time the current Senator for the State of Vermont will ever attempt to become President of the United States.

Many are still confused as to the reasons behind his dropping out, and talking freely on JRE would give Sanders an ample platform to communicate with many of his followers. Even more so, the former favourite for a Democratic Presidency can discuss the impact his former appearance on the podcast had on his candidacy - with CNN reporting that Rogan’s endorsement was harmful to Bernie’s appeal due to the podcast host featuring many right-wing commentators on his show, and not being very tactful when discussing trans rights in sports.

Previously appearing on the Experience in 2019, Sanders was very open and seemed to enjoy the company of Rogan, so a follow-up episode where the two can discuss what went wrong, and what is next for the senior politician, would make for essential viewing.


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