10 Lesser Known Stephen King Villains

9. Cthun (N.)

Stephen King Crimson King

H. P. Lovecraft never found mainstream success when he was active in the early 20th century, but his influence has been felt across horror in all mediums ever since, and King has been vocal about the effect the father of cosmic terror has had on him. Cthun is one of his most overtly Lovecraftian creations, even in name.

These days, it's not unusual to see Lovecraft's most famous monstrosity, Cthulhu, adorn everything from key rings to mugs. This ubiquity has reduced its impact somewhat, undoing the sense of absurd, cosmic dread it was initially revered for. Enter Cthun.

The titular N. is a man who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which partially manifests in his obsession with Ackerman's Field. N. is convinced that the field can be breached by Cthun to enter our reality, but that observing the existence of eight standing stones in the field can halt its potential invasion, a sign of which is a missing stone.

Keeping this from happening is an unending battle, however, one which others before him have fought and lost, and which pushes him to suicide. Not before, however, his psychiatrist, Dr. John Bonsaint, falls victim to curiosity agrim guardianship.

In the story, Cthun is described rather esoterically, but in the Marvel Comics adaptation of the novel, we can observe in his full, terrifying glory. Just remember to count the stones.


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