10 Lost Treasures That Are Still Waiting To Be Found

6. The Polish Royal Casket

Polish Palace
Lukasz Malkiewicz

Lukasz Malkiewic

The Polish Royal Casket was a large wooden chest that was built to house 73 valuable relics that had belonged to the Polish royal family. The casket was the creation of Princess Izabela Dorota Czartoryska who had an interest in art and founded the Czartoryski Museum, Poland€™s first museum. The 73 items inside the casket included: a gold watch that had belonged to King Augustus II, a silver rosary that had belonged to Queen Marie Leszczynska and an ivory box once owned by King John III.

For protection, the casket was transported to Krakow during World War II where it was bricked up within within a palace outbuilding. A German man who worked for the Czartoryski family alerted the Nazis to the location of the casket and its contents was subsequently looted. Exactly what happened to the valuable items within the casket or where they might be today remains unknown.

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