10 Lost Treasures That Are Still Waiting To Be Found

5. The Lost Hoard Of The Flor De La Mar

The Lost Hoard Of The Flor De La Mar

The Flor de la Mar or Flower of the Sea was a Portuguese sailing ship that was the biggest ship of her day. The ship served the route known as the Portuguese India run during the early 1500s until its sinking in 1511. The ships large size soon began to present problems during her early years of sailing which led to her being deemed as unsafe by 1511. Despite this, she set sail to support the conquest of Malacca.

It was on her return journey that the Flor de la Mar ran into a storm and was wrecked on some shoals. At the time of her sinking, the Flor de la Mar was carrying a huge hoard of treasure that it had collected from the the Kingdom of Siam to take and present to the king of Portugal. The treasure had an estimated value of $2.6 billion worth of gold and went down with the ship, remaining lost to this day.

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