10 Manliest Things You Can Do In Life

"You know they say Chuck Norris is so tough, there's no chin under his beard... there is only another fist."

Roar! I am a man, I made fire, pointy sticks, rudimentary tools and the wheel. All on my own, honest, no help from women... okay so we all know that's a load of rubbish. The stereotype of manly manliness is quickly dying a death though, replaced by styles of the metrosexual or the 14 year-old boy. Justin Bieber, One Direction, or any number of other androgynous half-breeds - these are what's touted as the next generation's pin-ups and models to aspire to. Sure we still don't have it as bad as the female of the species - where it seems the message is 'be thin or count slimming points until you die trying' - but more and more the hairy-chested and rough-handed man of yesteryear is being forgotten. If your shoulders are wider than a child's coat-hanger then don't bother trying to find a well-fitting shirt. Have you got about as much shape as a soup sandwich? Then forget about ever being comfortable in a suit. Cosmetics like men's moisturisers, male face-packs and manicures, guy-liner and even hand cream....something has to be done. So in homage to the character Howard Beale from the 1976 film 'Network' there must be a collective voice bellowing across the streets; "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!" If you're in need of reminding just how much of a man's man you truly are, how about tackling this list?

10. Wrestle A Bear

In the blue corner. Weighing in at 900 lbs, with a record of 5 and 0, with 4 of those coming by way of mauling; in the brown fur with the stripped trunks, a wild brown bear! In the red corner. Weighing in at 196 lbs, with a record of 8 and 2, with 4 of those coming by way of knock-out; in the red and blue trunks, a naive and soon to be dead man! Ok so that's boxing, but it's hard to convey a WWE style entrance for a bear. I mean, what music would it have? Randy Newman's 'Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear'? Putting that aside wrestling a bear has to go down as one of the most manliest things to do. It could easily have been an alligator or a tiger, but there's just something about wrestling a bear that makes you think, it would be just the right level of man vs. beast.
The truth is it would be over in about 10 seconds, with the bear cleaving your head off Resident Evil style. Don't be fooled by that John West advert where the fisherman uses karate and general tom foolery to win the salmon from the bear. The reality is the bear wins every time. It would still be bad*ss though.

I'm a 26 year old Welsh psychology graduate working in PR & Journalism. I enjoy writing, films, TV, games, sport, philosophy, psychology and mixing them all together. I occupy time and cyberspace on twitter @simcolluk