10 Manliest Things You Can Do In Life

9. Eat A Ridiculous Amount Of Meat

"What's the biggest steak you make?" said the unsuspecting patron of AJ's Steakhouse in Iowa. Set before him, a 205 oz slab of glistening beef known as 'The Big Kahuna'.
The steak above is 'The Old 96er' from the movie 'The Great Outdoors' and is only 96 oz , which means Kahuna is double the size. After a search of the trusty internet it would seem this is the largest steak in the world, instantly putting it on this list. Imagine the arm workout alone in trying to cut what is just shy of an imperial stone of meat. However, the thought of it working its way through your digestive system is not a pleasant one. I'd imagine cows everywhere sleep a little better knowing they take their vengeance in the form of gastric wind, meat sweats and heart attacks. Still, eating that much meat has to go down as a manly act, even if you didn't have to hunt and kill it yourself.

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