10 Mind-Blowing Celebrity Scandals You Won't Believe Everyone Forgot

Why should Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan get to have all the fun?

Nothing sells papers like celebrity scandal. We're undeniably obsessed with them. Anything that proves our media idols are mere human, and we seem to lap it up like the dehydrated, gossip dogs that we are. Past controversy is hard to shake off - careers have gone down the drain as a result. The recent documentary film, ¬Čvocateur, which depicts Morton Downey Jr.'s blink of an eye fame and subsequent downfall, is a great example. So, yes, many scandals spring to mind when you say "celebrity," but what about the ones that we all seem to have swept under the carpet? They're often just as bad (if not worse). But through some excellent PR or simply being too adorable to dislike, certain celebrities shake the stigma of scandals and effortlessly stroll onwards. Some are just too good to let slip into the ether, though: here we ravenously tuck into 10 of the juiciest. These aren't singers who screwed up their lip sync - these are the forgotten gems that need to reclaim their place in infamy...

10. Rob Lowe - Taped Sex With A 16 Year Old

In 1988, Rob Lowe was insanely famous. He had starred in such films as St. Elmo's Fire and About Last Night; and at only 24, it appeared his star was to rise even further. What a difference a poorly thought out videotaped threesome makes. The night before an appearance at the Democratic National Convention, Lowe invited two women to his hotel room. They had sex and Lowe taped it. Pretty scandalous in itself but when you factor in that one of them was aged 16 it became a full fledged media poop storm. Lowe vehemently denied he was aware of the girl's age. To add to the weird though, another part of the tape shows a separate threesome with Lowe, his friend Justin Morris and a woman. So yeah, this was kind of his thing we guess. Rob Lowe loved having taped threesomes. Predictably Lowe's career took a serious dent and to this day he is rarely seen as a leading man. However with TV roles in the critically acclaimed West Wing and Parks & Recreation, the scandal's conscious memory has pretty much been vaporised. SOURCE: people

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