10 Mind-Blowing Celebrity Scandals You Won't Believe Everyone Forgot

9. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes - Burnt Mansion Down To Teach Boyfriend A Lesson

Maybe we'd still remember this scandal if Lisa Lopes' 2002 death didn't greatly overshadow it. Burning down your mansion to get back at your abusive boyfriend takes some forgetting, after all. Okay, so according to Lopes she didn't mean to do it. She put a pair of his sneakers in the bath tub and set them on fire. The fire spread to the entire home and a scandal was belched out. It was an alleged retaliation for the night before, when her boyfriend Andre Rison (former NFL star) had beaten her. Messy. Lopes received five years probation, during which she continued to date Rison - only fuelling further tabloid interest. But all was forgotten when she died. Also possible new fodder was stopped in its tracks. That being the motor accident she was involved in three days prior to her own fatal car crash. Her personal assistant was behind the wheel that time and the accident resulted in the death of a 10 year old boy. SOURCE: mtv

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