10 Mind-Blowing Pieces Of Evidence That Proves Lost City Of Atlantis Was Real

The evidence tying the Minoan civilization to Atlantis.

Sunken Head Atlantis

Plato’s story of Atlantis is one of the most famous legends in the whole world. It was said to have been a powerful island civilization that began aggressively spreading out across the world, until it was finally defeated by the Greeks (Plato being Greek himself might have something to do with why he was so happy to tell this story).

Sometime thereafter, the gods punished the inhabitants of Atlantis by sinking it to the depths of the ocean.

People have searched for Atlantis for centuries, and the majority of scholars these days dismiss it as coming from Plato’s own imagination. However, there is one theory that has become especially popular since the 1960s and that has a lot of evidence behind it. This is the theory that the story of Atlantis comes from twisted accounts of the Minoan civilization.

Let’s take a look at some evidence for this theory.

10. The General Picture

Before getting into the little details of Atlantis and the Minoans, it would be good to check whether or not the general picture of the Atlantean civilization as described by Plato matches the general picture of the Minoan civilization.

Plato describes the Atlanteans as having dominion over one large island and several smaller ones. These smaller ones were on the way to ‘the opposite continent’, which surrounded the ocean in which Atlantis was situated. How does this compare with the Minoan civilization? Their main island was Crete, in the Mediterranean. Their second most important island was Thera, the nearest Aegean island, and they also ruled over several other Aegean islands.

These islands formed the way from Crete to the continent, Eurasia. When we combine it with Africa (because it is really just one land mass), this surrounds the Mediterranean, where Crete and the other islands are situated. So the general picture Plato gives for Atlantis does match the general overview of the Minoan civilization.

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