10 Most Chilling Nazi Super Weapons That Hitler Could Have Used To Win WWII

You've no idea how close we came to a world-wide Third Reich.

It's a good thing the Allies won the second world war when they did, because had Hitler and the Nazis had more time, they would have been able to develop the weapons needed to win themselves. Had Hitler not made some of the deranged decisions that cost him the war, like opening up a second front and not actually converting Germany's economy to a total war footing, he would have had time to bring these weapons onto the battlefield. Then, history could have turned out very differently and much less pleasantly for us all. The Nazis developed armaments as varied as doodlebugs, giant super-heavy tanks, Vampir night-sights for assault rifles, and guns that could shoot around corners. But they were also willing to consider the use of any weapons system, no matter how heinous. Even their own men were considered raw material to throw away in return for obliterating a target, with pilots ordered to man missiles like the Fieseler Fi 103R (a late variation of the V-1 flying bomb). These pilots were doomed not to survive the mission unless they could somehow parachute out at the very last moment. But the Nazis' ghastly ideas didn't end there; they feverishly tried to construct ever more deadly and insane armaments. With just a few more years to complete the development of these weapons, the Nazis would, at a minimum, have struck at American soil. In the worst case scenarios, they would have wiped out entire cities in a deranged attempt to force the Allies to surrender. Here are 10 of the worst "wonder weapons" the Nazis were, thank God, prevented from completing, mass producing, or fully deploying; weapons that could have helped them win the war.

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