10 Most Chilling Nazi Super Weapons That Hitler Could Have Used To Win WWII

10. Jet Interceptors That Could Have Blown The Allies Out Of The Sky

In early 1945, scared by the thought of facing the advanced Allied fighter plane, the Gloster Meteor, over Europe, the Nazis began quickly developing more advanced jet interceptors to replace their existing jet fighters. This new generation of Luftwaffe jet planes would, it was hoped, guarantee their dominance in the air. Two very advanced interceptors were planned at the German's Focke-Wulf factory. The first was the Super Lorin (a model of this plane is pictured above) and the second was the Ta 283. Fortunately, German engineers had yet to build the prototypes of these jet interceptors when British troops captured the Focke-Wulf factory in 1945. Also in development by Nazi engineers was the Henschel Hs 132. This strange-looking aircraft had a jet engine mounted on top of the fuselage and was intended to be a lethal combination of dive bomber and interceptor. Luckily, soldiers in the Soviet Army occupied the Henschel factory just as the first version of the Hs 132 was almost ready for flight testing. Even scarier to contemplate, a second version and third version were also being built, with the V2 80% ready and the V3 75% completed for testing. Had these faster and more agile jet planes made it into the skies over Europe in large numbers, RAF and USAF planes might not have stood much chance. It's not hard to imagine that the impetus of the Allied advance could have faltered, buying Hitler time to bring yet more powerful weapons into play.
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