10 Most Dangerous Creatures On Earth

Beware the beauty of nature!


The world can be a weird and wonderful place when you think about it, but it can also be scary. It’s a genetic impulse to avoid danger at any cost, yet at the same time it oxymoronically piques our curiosity – how very human.

While we all have a general idea of which creatures are considered to be dangerous and what to avoid, some entries within this article may surprise you. The mind automatically goes towards to the phobia-driven snakes and spiders, but would you expect to see snails and frogs among the most deadly in the world?

Some of the most lethal creatures can easily be overlooked due to their beautiful exteriors and tiny stature, but be warned: some of the most dangerous come in the smallest packages - it’s safe to say that these naturally hazardous creatures are fascinating.

The aim of this list is to compile the most dangerous within each taxonomic category, in a bid to distinguish which reigns supreme and can be crowned the deadliest on the plant.

As a disclaimer, humans and indirect killers like disease-spreading insects are excluded from this list as you will not see a cliché-riddled no 1 spot. The creature sitting atop the list may surprise you!

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