10 Most Disliked Joe Rogan Experience Episodes

These guests did not go over well with the JRE fanbase.

Amy Schumer Joe Rogan

With more than a decade of experience, and a nine-figure Spotify deal under his belt, it's fair to say that Joe Rogan has more than carved out a niche in the podcasting world since the inception of the wildly-popular Joe Rogan Experience back in 2009.

The ensuing years have seen the JRE evolve from extended banter between Joe and his friends from the world of comedy, to a legitimate titan of alternative media hosting guests from all walks of life.

With such huge popularity, the show has also developed a pretty sizeable fanbase along the way, with devotees excitedly listening to every episode to broaden their perspective with the variety of views hosted on the podcast. However, when a guest comes along that is uninteresting, hostile, or downright controversial, the JRE faithful are quick to make their feelings heard in the YouTube comments section.

A large portion of the audience wasn't happy with these guests, based on the like to dislike ratio on YouTube. That means that while JRE #1330 with American politician Bernie Sanders may have received more than 40,000 dislikes, it garnered nearly ten times as many likes and therefore it will not feature on this list.

These episodes were not well received by the JRE fanbase, and the audience wasted no time making that clear:

10. Molly Crabapple 49%

Writer and artist Molly Crabapple's sophomore appearance on the JRE from 2015 is one of the older episodes featured on this list, with scarcely few shows prior to #1000 receiving largely negative reactions based on youtube dislikes.

However, a liberal writer appearing on the JRE right when the online culture war surrounding Gamergate was arguably at its peak was always bound to spark debate in the comments, with Crabapple's general demeanour clearly proving unpopular amongst the podcast faithful.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Crabapple's opinions are not well respected among the 'anti-SJW' portion of Joe's fanbase which likely serves to illustrate why this episode was so poorly received, particularly given when it was released. However, those with an open mind should definitely go back and give it a listen, the pair have good chemistry together and while some of her opinions may prove polarising, she has undoubetdly lived an interesting life.


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