10 Most Disliked Joe Rogan Experience Episodes

9. W. Kamau Bell 48%

The chameleonic ability to engage often entirely contrasting viewpoints from a variety of different guests is one of the talents that has made Rogan so popular in recent years. Unlike podcasts that attempt to only pander to a single ideology, Joe sincerely appears to want to engage with a series of differing opinions on issues.

This open-mindedness has led to Rogan having one of the more ideologically diverse fanbases of large podcasts on YouTube. However, that isn't to say that some viewpoints don't prove more popular than others, as evidenced by comedian W. Kamau Bell's second appearance on the show in 2017.

Bell's beliefs in the limits of free speech were always going to prove to be unpopular among JRE viewers, and his support for Antifa proved equally unpopular in the comment section. Some of the negative reaction could also be explained by the common allegation that Joe tends to shape-shift in his political views to accommodate for the guest, which clearly does not go down well among polarised YouTube commenters.


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