10 Most Disturbing Ghost Stories From The Haunted Queen Mary Ship

2. The Tall Man

Queen Mary first class suite
Cunard-White Star Line

Presumably dating back from the Queen Mary’s first voyages in the 1930s comes a ghostly figure seen on many separate occasions.

The man is tall with dark hair, and is dressed in 1930s-style clothing. He has been spotted around the first-class suites, walking around only to disappear in the blink of an eye. He seems friendly enough — guests and staff have watched him smile at them as he continues on his journey. At least he’s happy!

The rooms around the first-class suites are not as chipper though, it seems. Inside the rooms, lights turn on in the middle of the night, phones ring only to have nobody at the other end, and water begins running by itself. Buzzfeed Unsolved star Ryan Bergara even reported the faucet running of its own accord in his first stay on the Mary, and as he entered the room, his toothpaste fell to the floor by an unseen force.

Whether these are the doings of the Tall Man or by some other, more unhappy spirits, we will never know.


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