10 Most Disturbing Ghost Stories From The Haunted Queen Mary Ship

1. Room B-340

Queen Mary B340
Press Telegram

This list truly wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Room B-340. It has gone down in history as the ship’s “most-haunted” room, and for good reason.

The most notorious of the suspicious circumstances that have happened inside the room is that in the 1960s, a passenger aboard the ship brutally murdered two women without any apparent reason. He was locked in the room that is now B-340 while awaiting police officers when the guard posted outside began to hear screaming. The murderer claimed somebody was in the room trying to kill him, but the guard ignored the cries for help, believing them to be an escape plan. It was after police arrived and the door to the room was opened that he was found murdered. We’ll spare the grisly details, but there was supposedly no way the man could have inflicted such dismemberment to himself.

So what happened? Nobody knows. Years later, more reports of murder came in from the room B-340, but the Queen Mary’s records are blank as to whether or not they were true. Regardless of what happened, complaints came flooding in from guests years down the line of paranormal activity happening in that very room.

Whether it’s all true or just folklore, nobody can deny that room B-340 — no matter how refurbished and pretty it is now — harbours a dark aura. The room’s very energy seems to effuse negativity, even when other ghostly experiences aren’t seen or felt. Whatever happened in B-340 — and perhaps it’s best we never find out — something is strange about the place.


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