10 Most-Evil Nazis You’ve Never Even Heard Of

8. Herta Bothe - "The Sadist Of Stutthof"

Continuing along the theme of evil Nazi women, Herta Bothe was certainly not a nice ladt - and that is why she became labelled as "The Sadist of Stuffhof" due to her heinous acts as a concentration camp guard.

Becoming a member of the League of German Girls (the women's wing of the Nazi Party) in 1939, Bothe was conscripted as a guard at Ravensbrück concentration camp in September 1952 before been sent as a female guard - or Aufseherin - to the Stutthof camp near Danzig. Bothe became renowned for her brutal beatings of prisoners and her apparent enjoyment in watching inmates suffer while being tortured and raped. But her actions did not stop at Stuffhof; Bothe was first sent to the Bromberg-Ost subcamp before accompanying a death march of female prisoners from central Poland all the way to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, with a temporary stop-off at Auschwitz in between.

Allegedly, while at Bergen-Belsen, Bothe beat a Hungarian Jew named Eva to death with a wooden block and shot two prisoners, but she denied committing either of these crimes. Arrested in April 1945 when Bergen-Belsen was liberated by Allied soldiers, she was tried in a military court and labelled as a "ruthless overseer" of Nazi policies.

Sentenced to 10 years in prison for using a pistol on inmates, she served just six years before being released early on December 22, 1951, as an act of leniency by the British government.

She still survives to this day.

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