10 Most Scarily Advanced Robots In The World

Buckle up, the Robo Sapiens are coming.


Robotics have come a long way in recent years. Like a reeeeeally long way.

Up until now, the public image of the field has either been regarded as of a bunch of humanoid bots shambling around a wire-strewn lab, or a shady plot to take over the world with a robot uprising. Neither of these options is particularly appealing.

However, as the technology advances, robots are starting to live up to their sci-fi reputation. With bots that can run, jump, talk, think, learn and even feel in the works, the lights of the robotic age are slowly flickering on.

Are we ready for it? Only time will tell. At the moment there's something slightly unnerving about seeing these creations begin to think for themselves, perhaps it's fear of the unknown, perhaps it's a sense of unease that human actions and interactions can reproduced with nothing more than a bit of code.

Perhaps it's foreshadowing for the robot apocalypse which, looking at the robots on this list, is beginning to look a bit more likely.

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