10 Most Terrifying Books Horror Fans MUST Read

The scariest short stories, creepiest novels, and most chilling classics you haven't heard of...

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Since before Mary Shelley created Frankenstein and his monster, and Bram Stoker first committed the name Count Dracula to paper, horror has been a mainstay of literature both high and lowbrow.

Where the likes of Sherida LeFanu and Edgar Allen Poe terrified readers back in the nineteenth century on either side of the Atlantic, the Gothic novels of Horace Walpole and Ann Radcliffe were scaring people senseless a century earlier and inventing many persistent themes and tropes of the genre in the process.

With this long history in mind, this list is a mostly much more modern rundown of the largely yet-to-be adapted cream of the horror literature crop.

Running from the classic creepy short story collections, to the iconic works which have influenced entire generations of horror writers, to a handful of more recent and little known obscurities, every book listed here has one thing in common.

These are ten of the most terrifying novels in the horror genre, with both fame and age doing nothing to blunt their sharp edges.

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