10 Most Terrifying Books Horror Fans MUST Read

10. 20th Century Ghosts — Joe Hill

PS Publishing

Starting this list with some strong stuff, 20th Century Ghosts is the debut short story collection of Joe Hilll.

This underrated 2005 short story collection from Stephen King’s son features some of the new millennium’s scariest, most inventive - and in the case of the stand out dark fantasy story Art Pop - most poignant short fiction in the genre.

There are a lot of more moving and thoughtful pieces of genre fiction within the collection, but this list is about scaring you senseless. The book's opening story Best New Horror is (fittingly enough) one of the scariest short stories out there.

Where the rest of the collection concerns itself with more poignant and thoughtful explorations of the genre, Best New Horror sees Hill's writing at its most potent and ferocious. It's a blackly comic tale of an obsessive horror editor who insists on tracking down the clearly disturbed author of a horrifying story...

At night. In his run down farmhouse. At the top of a hill. On the end of a dirt road. Miles from all civilisation.

You can see where the story is going here.

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