10 Obscure Conspiracy Theories You've Never Heard Of

So, Nic Cage is an alien then, is he?


Conspiracy theories might be ridiculous, they might be terrifying, they might be absolutely hilarious, unrealistic, and stupid, but they do make for an interesting conversation.

The best conspiracy theories are the ones that get you thinking, the ones that very nearly convince you, and the ones that blow your mind. Did Paul McCartney really die? Did the United States really have something to do with 9/11? Was there more to the assassination of JFK? And of course, the big one, did man actually step foot on the moon? That's if the moon is real... maybe it's all an illusion or maybe the moon is made out of cheese. Who knows? The earth is flat after all...

We all have our own opinions when it comes to conspiracy theories. Some people hate them and refuse to listen to them. Others eat them up and do everything possible to find out as much as they can, which usually does more harm than good.

There are conspiracy theories pretty much about everything with new ones invented, or should we say, theorized, every day.


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