10 Popular Universal Studios Florida Attractions That No Longer Exist

If you want to ride with Doc Brown, you're gonna have to bring a time machine.

jaws universal ride2
Universal Orlando

Universal Studios Florida turns 26 this year and only two attractions from the opening day still remain: E.T. Adventure and Universal's Horror Make Up Show.

Many rides have come and gone to make way for new attractions and even rides which replaced other rides have since been replaced.

Universal's Orlando Resort has always been limited in space which means that every attraction matters. If a ride or show is beginning to look tired, then action is required and Universal Studios Florida are quick with the axe and aren't afraid to get rid of attractions, even some that hold a special place in the heart of regular park visitors.

Lets take a look at some of the attractions that have bowed out to make way for new, exciting experiences we see today.


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