10 Popular Universal Studios Florida Attractions That No Longer Exist

10. Ghostbuster's Spooktacular

ghostbusters firehouse
Universal Orlando

One attraction around on opening day was the Ghostbuster's Spooktacular stage show. In the time the show was in operation, there were two different versions. In its first form, the show was based loosely on the original movie. It would begin with a Universal Guide introducing you to the world of Ghostbusters when suddenly Gozer appears and torments the poor Universal employee. Just in the nick of time the Ghostbusters appear to defeat Gozer, who has taken the form of a ginormous Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

The show was revamped in 1993 and the fun started before guests made it into the theatre. Before entering the main room, Louis Tully, Rick Moranis' bumbling accountant from the films would attempt to get you to invest in the Ghostbusters.

Once guests moved into the theatre Tully would continue to try and sell ghost busting equipment, only to be interrupted by the environment government worker from the first movie, Walter Peck. Proclaiming that he doesn't believe in ghosts, Peck opens the ghost containment area and Gozer returns. Out come the Ghostbusters to save the day again from Gozer and the huge animatronic marshmallow man.

ghostbusters firehouse universal
Universal Orlando

The attraction closed its doors in November 1996 and eventually became the home of Twister. The only thing left suggesting that Ghostbuster's Spooktacular ever existed is the firehouse facade in the New York District which Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket track now runs through and is pictured above.


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