10 Problems Only Graphic And Web Designers Will Understand

For those who know the pure rage of 'responsive web pages'.

Most people (or €œend users,€ as they€™re called in the trade) don€™t think twice about how much time and effort goes into making a design both aesthetically pleasing and enticing enough to get them in the door. For that matter, neither do the clients. What the graphic designer creates; what the web designer codes; the thousands of hours spent to get everything €œjust right;€ all of it is designed to get the customer to do more than spend ten seconds looking at it before he or she moves on to the next thing. It€™s no longer enough to specialise in just print, video or web; a design shop has to embrace all three and more. You not only have to create products smart enough to get people€™s attention, but also dumb it down enough so that people don€™t turn away. You have to deal with clients who think they have what the world wants and that you can pave the path to their door, but they balk at paying you until that goal is achieved and they have their gold-plated keys to Porsches, personal Lear Jets and a suite at the Ritz-Carlton. So, for the creative advertising people and the techno-geeks that support them, here€™s an account of the banes of their existence. Perhaps the end users will understand you better now... but it's highly doubtful.
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Mr. Thomas is primarily a graphic artist for the San Antonio Express-News, but also finds time to write the DVD Extra blog for the paper’s website.