10 Problems Only Graphic And Web Designers Will Understand

10. What The Hell Are You Trying To Sell?

When a client comes to you with a project, or you bid on one, the list of complexities is just beginning. Is the client a startup, or do they have an established lineage? Is there a physical product that you have to design, or is electronic in nature? Does the client need an identity established (i.e.: logo, business forms and card, website, etc.)? What does the client have already established? Are you taking over for someone who couldn€™t handle the job? If so, why? And most important of all, are they going to pay you as work progresses, or are you going to be expected to do a lot of work for later compensation? That last bit is what will break you or make you. The client has a legitimate interest in whether your work will be what they require, and will be rather miffed if they cut you a check first and you don€™t deliver. However, working for free is a quick way to starve while your own bills pile up around you. And if you wind up pawning your tools in order to buy groceries and pay rent while you€™re hoping that your client will pay you, then you€™ve already lost. The trick is to achieve a median somewhere between the two. Good luck.
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Mr. Thomas is primarily a graphic artist for the San Antonio Express-News, but also finds time to write the DVD Extra blog for the paper’s website.