10 Problems Only Singletons Will Understand At Christmas

Christmastime, mistletoe and wine! Actually, just wine. Lots of wine.

Bridget2 Gif It's that time of year again. You've made it past the godawful event that is Valentines Day. You've sailed through spring and summer with the sun setting you wild and free, embraced your own birthday surrounded by your girls and you've raised several shots of tequila whilst squealing along to Aretha's R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Yet you can't avoid it...it's Christmas season again. The time all singletons dread. The time when love, actually, is all around and mistletoe is hanging from every corner of every room. You just cannot walk down the street without having to divert from the eskimo kisses and cutesy displays of affection. Being single is fun and exciting because you get to be your own boss. You report to no one and do whatever the hell you want. At least this is what you tell all your attached, engaged, married and child bearing friends. The sad reality can be the parts no one wants to admit such as the cold feet in a wasted king sized bed. You may as well have saved the extra money and gone for the cozy single. Fewer presents under the tree and the pitying looks you are forced to brush off with another joke. Here are a few problems only we, the bitter singles, will understand...

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