10 Rarest WWE Funko POP Figures (And How Much They're Worth)

It's all fun and games until you've burned a giant Funko-sized hole in your wallet...


In a world of political debate, what seems like constant bad news, and the ever-increasing digital age removing people from playing with actual toys, Funko POP figures offer a bit of light-hearted respite.

There's a whole world of POPs out there to collect, and children and adults the world over break the bank to do so. Think of any famous TV show or film and the chances are is that you can buy a range of Funko POP figures based on it.

It's no different, then, for the world of WWE. Indeed, your writer here is the proud owner of a wealth of WWE POP figures with Vince McMahon, Braun Strowman and The Rock all proudly on display.

But the difference in those POP figures is their price. They were bought for a normal and affordable sum. No houses were remortgaged for a vinyl figurine.

However, just like in any collector's universe, some prices can skyrocket depending on rarity, quantity, and design, amongst other things.

The world of WWE is awash with rare merchandise that fans just can't get enough of. Inevitably, that means that the world of Funko POP isn't exempt.

There are some heavily priced WWE POP figures out there, starting, of course, with 'Big Match John' himself...

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