10 Reasons Why Zodiac Killer MAY Have Been Solved

8. Doerr Was Into Cryptography & Ciphers

Zodiac Paul Doerr
Twitter: Paul Haynes

Here's where the coincidences really start piling up, and it becomes ever more difficult to discount Doerr as anything less than an incredibly compelling and serious Zodiac suspect.

One of Zodiac's defining traits involved writing cryptograms and ciphers to newspapers containing coded messages, and of the four he sent out, only two have been solved over 50 years later.

Doerr was also interested in cryptography, to the extent that he even published a cipher in his own Tolkien zine, Hobbitalia, just three days after Zodiac sent out his famous "Z13" cipher.

Considering that cryptography is quite the niche interest, it's a majorly compounding piece of circumstantial evidence in tandem with everything else discovered by Kobek.

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