10 Recent UFO Stories That Will Make You Believe

8. Amber Orbs Over Phoenix On Easter Sunday

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Peter Perez/12 News

Easter Sunday is a holiday typically spent worshiping at church and hunting for eggs with children for those who celebrate it. For many residents of Phoenix, Arizona, they were instead treated to unusual orange lights in their skies. 

Local resident Peter Perez snapped the above image of lights that baffled many.  They lights were observed just before Peter and his family sat down for their Easter dinner. He described them as silent and headed in an eastward direction.

12 News, a local NBC affiliate, asked their Facebook fans what they thought of amber lights. Many suggested that they might be Chinese lanterns but Youtube user TimTheBall wasn't so convinced. Responding to comments to a video of the event that he posted he refuted the Chinese lantern theory because "Chinese lanterns do not go from a dead float, to a horizontal acceleration, crossing at least 50 miles of city in 2 minutes.”

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