10 Revelations That Will Make You See Iconic Screen Superheroes Very Differently

10. Hornets Have The Roaming Range Of A Few City Blocks

The Green Hornet is Britt Reid who really doesn't have much in common with a hornet other than being green. Except hornets aren't green. Additionally, male hornets don't have stingers, so that sort of explains his ineptitude at fighting. That's not a great start, but the potentially ruinous revelations about hornets don't end there. The biggest fundamental issue is that hornets become inactive at night, which is when Reid and Kato love to hit the town to kick some criminal tail. So while other vigilantes are just gearing up, The Green Hornet should be sipping some tea and settling down for the night. Hornets are also normally found in their nest or at max up to one thousand yards away, so Reid should have the smallest radius ever for a crime fighter: Batman has Gotham, Superman has Metropolis, and The Green Hornet has 54th street up to the train tracks, unable to help anyone who falls just outside his ridiculously limited remit. So remember not to get stabbed or anything unless you're pretty much in sight of his house, because Hornet is no more than a glorified neighbourhood watch.

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