10 School Lessons That Would Be Far More Useful Than Algebra

Who needs an X? There are so many more useful things we could've learnt...

Ah, algebra lessons. What with all those brackets and X's and numbers, they weren't the most exciting classes, or the most useful study subject either. Because, and let's be honest here algebra, most us weren't going to become physicists, mathematicians or the next Doctor in Doctor Who - though some of us still hold out hope for being a companion - and the ability to write out equations was never going to be essential. In real life the only X we've ever come across is our ex, and generally we don't want to find them. Least of all through complicated math. In fact in this repetitive game we call real life, as we've grown up and discovered, there are lots of things we wish we had learnt in school, instead of algebra. Useful things like, how to fill in a form, dress a wound, heat up baby milk, clean leather, set up a firewall or fix a gushing tap - before the bathroom is flooded, we have to tell the insurance company, and fill in yet another form! So schools of the future take note, here's a few suggestions from us - the 10 lessons that would have been far more useful than algebra.

A freelance writer and Doctor Who fan.