10 School Lessons That Would Be Far More Useful Than Algebra

10. How To Do Taxes (And Getting It Right)

As Benjamin Franklin once said, there are only two things that are certain in life, death and taxes - he was right, even before we start earning we pay VAT on our favourite chocolate bars. And when that gloomy day finally comes and we actually have to do taxes ourselves - boy, are we unprepared. For saying taxes are so important to the running of the country, that giving the wrong information may end with you owing taxes later on, and that you have to do them every year, you'd think it would make sense to teach us how to do them - efficiently, on time and without going insane. At the very least it would've given us some practice, and the math would've involved real world implications, encouraging us to actually want to do it right. After all you're not going to mess up that sum if it means paying out an extra £1,000 are you?

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