10 Secret Disneyland Areas You Probably Didn’t Know About

6. Disneyland’s Hidden Time Capsules

In July 1995 during the celebrations of Disneyland’s 40th anniversary, a time capsule, dubbed the ‘time castle’ was buried in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. There is a little-known plaque on the floor with a descriptor of what was buried; “The capsule is dedicated to the children of the 21st century, who may unlock its contents on the 80th anniversary”.

The capsule contains an Indiana Jones time decoder, a copy of the Disneyland Line newspaper, Disney dollars and aerial photos of the layout of the park among many other little snippets of memorabilia.

A second capsule was buried in 2012 beneath Buena Vista Street at California Adventure Park. Contents of this capsule included the current park maps, a Duffy plush, a Blackberry cellphone with a bundle of other items. The capsule is due to open sometime in 2037, two years after the ‘time castle’.

It’s safe to say 17th July 2035 will be a good day to visit Sleeping Beauty’s castle, and watch 2037 for the yet unannounced date of the second unveiling. These two days are set to be monumental landmarks in the Disney history books and a chance see the excavated sites that only a handful of people will get to witness.

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