10 Serial Killer Crimes That Took Years To Solve

9. Albert Fish

BTK Killer

Known by many names such as The Gray Man, The Boogeyman or the Brooklyn Vampire, Albert Fish as an American serial killer, cannibal and child rapist. Boasting that he had "had children in every state", it is believed he possibly attacked over 100 children. He was suspected of murdering at least 5 people, the main conviction coming from the disappearance of Grace Budd.

in 1928, After seeing a classified advert to hire her brother, Fish arrived at the Budd household under the pretence of hiring the young boy. He in fact intended to murder him but then switched targets to Grace, he convinced her family to let her leave with him and never returned her. Another man was arrested for the kidnapping and spent time in jail before being acquitted.

Then in 1934 Fish sent an incredibly creepy letter to the family informing them of Grace's passing. This letter was his downfall as they traced the paper back to him and consequently arrested him. After his arrest it was discovered there were other victims that could be link to Fish. Although he initially denied them, he did confess to at least two other murders. One case was from as early as 1924 meaning he had escaped capture for at least a decade.

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