10 Most Shocking Nazi Experiments

Please be warned that many of these entries contain some extremely distressing content.

The Nazis are possibly the most infamous political party in history, as the ruling party of Germany during World War II. In power from 1933 until their defeat by Allied Forces in 1945, the Nazi Party has become notorious for its involvement in some of the most inhumane, cruel practices ever committed by an organised group. Racism was a key part of the Nazi Party's regime, believing that the Nordic race were the master race. In particular, Adolf Hitler and his party had a hatred for the Jewish people, who were widely murdered and persecuted during the Nazi reign. It was in the aftermath of World War II that the full extent of the Nazi's crimes against humanity became apparent. Famously, the Nuremberg trials were conducted to convict the surviving officials responsible for ordering the many atrocities. It wasn't only Nazi officials that were made to answer for what they'd done. The Nazi party were also behind a number of chilling human experiments, and several of the doctors involved were convicted in a series of trials for their war crimes. This list takes a look at some of the most shocking of these Nazi experiments, that resulted in the death, mutilation and psychological torture of millions of people. Please note that the majority of these entries contain some highly disturbing text and imagery, so read ahead with caution.
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