10 Most Shocking Nazi Experiments

10. Freezing Experiments

The freezing experiments were conducted due to a desire by the Nazi high command to prepare for the cold temperatures of the Eastern front. The experiments were supposed to simulate the conditions that German soldiers underwent when facing Russian forces, where thousands had died of freezing and other cold-related injuries. One of the methods of freezing the human subjects was to drop healthy Russians or Jews into a vat of cold water. The Nazi doctors discovered that most of the victims would lose consciousness and die once their body temperature reached 25°C or less. The horrors didn't stop with the freezing though. The Nazi doctors utilised a number of inhumane methods to resuscitate victims that hadn't died to the freezing vats. These included hot baths, forcing females to copulate with unconscious male victims, and burning sun lamps. The worst though, was the internal irrigation. Water would be heated to near boiling temperatures, then forced into the bladder, intestines and stomach. No victims survived this treatment.
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