10 Spooky Phantom Vehicle Tales From Around The World

8. The Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle Killer Car

Many years ago a 1964 Dodge 330 Limited Edition was used as a police car in Maine. The car was nicknamed The Golden Eagle and soon earned itself a terrifying reputation. Three different policemen drove the car and all three of them ended up murdering their own families and committing suicide afterwards.

After two more owners got rid of the car, churchgoers decided to try their hand at vandalizing The Golden Eagle. All of the persons involved died either by lightning strike, decapitation or car accident. A young boy touched the car in 2008 and then murdered his family, his dog and burned his house down.

The car was then chopped up and the parts distributed to different scrap yards. Strangely enough, one of The Golden Eagle’s previous owners decided she wanted the car back and reassembled it after collecting most of its pieces from the scrap yards.

She is said to have driven it without problem, but sometimes the doors would randomly fly open when she is driving on the highway. Even so, the car has been blamed for 14 deaths and is thought to be the most evil car in the US.

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